Eichplatz quarter

Eichplatz Jena:A city centre reinvents itself

Apartments, offices, shops and gastronomy in the heart of Jena.

Gekonnt vermittelt das Hochpunkt-Ensemble zwischen JenTower und gewachsener Stadt.

Highlights:Waking up a dormant living space

How does Jena's most central square regain urbanity? The city and its citizens have joined forces to find convincing answers to this question and they have developed a vision. A master plan was created and an investor competition was initiated. SRE and Müller Reimann Architects were awarded the contract for the first phase of construction, as their design best implements the stated objectives.

01Harmonische Vielfalt: Jede der drei Fassaden ist anders und doch wirken sie als Einheit.
02Der Eichplatz wird bewusst als zentraler Treffpunkt gestaltet.

Facts and figures

  • 147Wohnungen
  • 7.700 m² Büro
  • 4.160 m² Handel


  • Architectural competition
  • Planning
  • Project development
  • Project management
  • Marketing

New quarter, traditional location

Three high-rise buildings with 20, 14 and ten floors are expected to be erected one after the other on almost 3580 m² of the Eichplatz from 2023. All in all, around 147 apartments and 7,700 m² of office space are being built in this area of the Eichplatz. Retail and culinary offerings on the ground floor improve the area's amenity value.

Construction time
from 2023
Areal concept
147 apartments, 7,700 m² of office space and up to 4,160 m² for shops and restaurants
Thomas Müller Ivan Reimann Architekten, Berlin
90 underground parking spaces, bicycle parking spaces, easy access to public transport and the motorway network
Special features

Exemplary civil participation offerings, transport routes and places with a high amenity value

More projects

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  • Gastronomy